Introduction to the Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is about cooking, baking, following recipe directions, and using creativity using raw ingredients. The art of making food is about coming with up ideas to modify recipes to fit a specific need or desired taste. Culinary artists can create new recipes.  While there is science in baking and cooking, culinary artists make decisions about when to add more of one ingredient and how to make changes if the product isn’t turning out the way that they had expected.  

Basically, each recipe doesn’t turn out the exact same way each time, and therefore, the cook needs to adapt their recipe and cooking methods as needed to make their food items turn out well. Culinary artists work in restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, food factories, and some own a small business.  


Activity Procedure 

To learn about the basics of making cookies, go to this Youtube page.  


Overview of the Assignment: 

  1. make Toll House Cookies 

  1. taste the cookies 

  1. evaluate the results 

  1. write a reflection 

  1. add comments to classmates postings 


Using the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe, make the recipe by following the directions with one exception; instead of adding chocolate chips, substitute with a different ingredient. Due to everyone having their own tastes and preferences, it is a matter of opinion as to whether the cookies turned out “good.”  


Go to the following web-site  


2.     Purchase the ingredients. Purchase one ingredient of your choice to add in place of the chocolate chips.  

3.   Go to using this link: 

                  Join a group (upper right) 

                  Enter group code: u5iabq 

                You will need your username and password provided by the teacher.  

          Check your email for your username and password.  

 4.     After you have logged in, go to the assignment tab.   

  Ø Download: “Cookie Evaluation Chart.” Print out a copy. Place it in a folder.  

                You will need it after you bake your cookies. 


  •   Along with an oven, you will need the following kitchen tools to make your cookies: 

                                     1 large mixing bowl 

                                     1 medium size mixing bowl 

                                     1 rubber spatula 

                                     measuring spoons 

                                     measuring cups 

                                     electric hand-mixer 

                                     cookie sheets 


                                     Other kitchen utensils may be needed as you go.  


5.      Follow the Toll House Chocolate Chip recipe. For the one ingredient of your choice, first write down the measurement of how much you will add. Then add the ingredient using the measurement you wrote down. If you decide to add more of that ingredient, adjust your recorded measurement. Keep the recorded measurement in your folder to refer to when you write your reflection of the cooking project.  


6.     Take a few pictures of you baked cookies. 


7.     Ask three people to eat some of your cookies. You should eat some cookies too! If you happen to have food allergies to an ingredient in the cookies, then find a fourth person to eat your cookies. Using the sheet “Cookie Evaluation Chart,” record each taste-tester’s opinion about your cookies. Read the directions at the top of the chart first.   


 8.      Go to Edmodo and login. Under the assignment tab, find the document   

  entitled "Cookie Recipe Reflection." Open it and answer the questions. 

  This is a reflection assignment of your experience making cookies. The  

   length of your writing isn’t as important as the completeness of your  

  answers. The last question is about your interest in culinary arts. This is 

  a significant part of this project. Now that you have baked cookies, share  

  your interest in pursuing a career in culinary arts. 


Ø Put your name before the title of the assignment.  

Ø To save, go to File and Save As. Put your name before the title of the lesson.    Click Save. 

Ø When you are done, go to the upper right and click “Turn it in.” 




   Ø Follow the directions under the picture of cookies. You will need to upload  

                  a picture of your cookies. 


10.     Read other classmates’ posted projects and comment on at least two   

     projects. You can include suggestions and/or questions in your comments.   




And remember, 


Think before you post it!